Ocean Park Zoo – Hong Kong

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Address: Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island

Website: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk

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Ocean Park is more than just a Zoo, its a theme park, zoo, aquarium and one of the most fantastic family days out you can have.

It first opened in 1977 and had grown a lot in the last fourty years. It is the 33rd most visited tourist attractions in the world and the seventh most popular Amusement Park in the world.

Ocean Park could also be the best place to spend the day with the family in Hong Kong with so much to do and see, even with a week in the park you might not see everything. It really is a unique experience and with its themed celebrations throughout the year you will never have the same day here twice.

Ocean Parks Pandas

Pandas are like a national mascot to China and if you visit will be missing out if you don’t try to see some. Two of the parks residents pandas An An and Jia Jia are world famous and to many people seeing these two giant pandas is an experience that wont be rivaled or long forgotten. The pandas of the park realty know how to entertain visitors and show you just how smart these rare animals can be.

Atoll Reef

The reef is part one of the most if not the most impressive aquariums in the world. It houses A four-storey high aquarium holding more than 2,000 fish from 250 different species and with the lighting it’s like your walking at the bottom of the ocean.

Theme Park

When I first visited Ocean Park I was expected an amazing zoo but when you explore and find the theme park with over 20 rides four of those being roller coasters you realise just how special Ocean Park is.  You get two great reasons to visit the park.


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